Green Energy

Finland offers abundance of sustainable green energy and Ficolo operations have always been powered by 100% renewable energy.

Our data centers use wind powered electricity and since 2020, The Rock data center is additionally powered by its own solar power plant.

Ficolo operations are 100% powered by renewable energy

FIcolo Data Centers

The Air

Ficolo The Air

The Rock

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The Deck

Ficolo data centers utilize the waste heat created by the servers for internal heating purposes. The Air – Cloud Delivery Center also uses the waste heat recovery system for distributing the heat to district heating system. All electricity used by Ficolo data centers is 100% green energy.

The Air – Cicero Dark Green rating

Ficolo issued a green bond as the first privately owned company in Finland to finance the expansion of The Air – Cloud Delivery Center. The project was reviewed by Norwegian climate research institute Cicero and received the highest Cicero Green rating – Dark Green – being the first data center in the Nordics to receive the rating. The dark green rating is allocated to projects that correspond to the long-term vision of a low carbon and climate resilient future.

The Rock – Solar power plant

The Rock data center utilizes a 2600m2 solar power plant that consists of 850 solar panels that produce a 255 kWp peak power. The system is utilized specially in the summer months, when the cooling needs of the data center are at their yearly peak.

The Ficolo solar power plant energy production figures can be followed in real time:

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