Climate Neutrality

Climate Neutral Company

Ficolo holds The Climate Neutral Company certification granted by South Pole. We are committed to environmentally friendly operations and our aim is to be carbon negative in the future.

Cloud services have a significant environmental impact. Worldwide, data centers use around two percent of all the electricity produced, and this figure is estimated to rise to eight percent by the end of the decade. Companies wanting to procure cloud services, and that care about their reputation, should ensure their service provider is committed to carbon-neutral operations.

Renewable power

The source of electricity used to power a data center is the most important factor to consider when it comes to climate friendly data center operation. Ficolo has used renewable electricity from generated by wind turbines from day 1. Finland’s abundance of green energy means that even the biggest deployments can be powered with green energy.

Solar power plant

Alongside wind sourced electricity, Ficolo The Rock data center utilizes its own solar power plant for cooling during the sunny summer months. The plant is 2600 square meters solar plant was built in 2020 has been fully operational since spring 2020.

You can follow power plant production in real-time:

Waste heat recovery

Data center operations create a lot of heat that can be reused instead of just pushing it outside. Ficolo The Air Cloud Delivery Center utilizes waste heat recovery and distributes the surplus heat to district heating system where recycled heat can be used for ie. delivering heating for local housing.

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