Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup Ensures Business Continuity

Flexible and reliable backup solutions to protect your most important asset, your data.

Backup solutions enable you to focus on your core business while keeping your most important asset safe. All data is stored in Ficolo’s own data centers, completely detached from the customer equipment. Always in two or more data centers to ensure geographical dispersion.

Ficolo managed backup solution managed backup service is offered as both a file-based and an image-based method and uses a combination of full and incremental backups. This provides an extremely high level of protection against data loss and still enables space-saving in data storage.

Restoring your data

In a case of a catastrophe, your data can be restored quickly by Ficolo staff. A restore can be commissioned – in compliance with the appropriate support level – at any time. The length of backup/restore process can vary according to the size of the server. As a reference value, a virtual server with approximately 50 GB of data can be restored in around two hours.

By customer’s wishes, we can verify the full functionality of backup environment and data restoration. This is done by simulating a real life situation where a full data restoration is needed.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery planning ensures that your business operations resume in an unexpected event that has damaged your data, software or hardware.

Business continuity is about ensuring your applications work for the people that rely on them. Planning of data protection services is an integral part of data center disaster recovery. Data backup and restore services are integral part of protecting business-critical data. Investing in disaster recovery is important for any business as unexpected events can cause huge losses and disasters may even leave businesses unable to continue their business

Disaster recovery minimizes the impact of disruption and enables business to recover within minutes of an outage.

Recover quickly from data breach or disruption and resume business operations

Long recovery times from disruptions can cause great adverse impact on businesses, lost revenue, brand damage and negative effect on customer satisfaction. A well planned disaster recovery plan contains precise instructions on how to respond to large scope of events. Those include natural disasters like earthquakes, infrastructure failures like power outages, cyber attacks and other disruptive events.

DRaaS reliably helps recover critical IT business processes and data to support business resiliency. It also provides comprehensive disaster recovery services, including orchestration of DR processes, DR health monitoring as well as continuous replication of applications, infrastructure, data and cloud systems.

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