Private Cloud

Customized resources with the benefits of the cloud

The private cloud is a computing service offered either over the Internet or over a private, internal network and only to selected users instead of the general public. Private cloud computing grants businesses many of the benefits of a public cloud, such as self-service, scalability, and adaptability – with additional control and customization from dedicated resources over a computing infrastructure hosted by Ficolo.

In addition, private cloud has a higher level of security for both customer firewalls and Ficolo’s hosting platform to ensure that the operations and sensitive data are not accessible to outsiders. The dedicated Data center area with a private cloud solution enables the customer to always know where their data is stored. Performance and scalability are ensured with the most suitable virtualization platform, chosen together with the customer.

We rightsize cloud to your requirements

Get the right amount of cloud. For instance, with high utilization, relatively even usage levels or if you have strict security requirements, private cloud might be the right option for you. The dedicated platform provides you full control, security and performance advantages along with significant cost savings and great scalability. Moreover, if you want to be absolutely sure where your data resides, this is the solution for you. To ensure performance, we help you choose the most suitable virtualization platform.

Ficolo Data Centers

Ficolo data centers are located in Helsinki, Pori and Tampere. The data centers utilize modern solutions and are powered with 100% green energy. The data centers offer scalability, continuity and security. 

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