Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform (GCP or simply Google Cloud) is an IaaS alternative to traditional IT environments allowing you to spin up instances and scale fast. As with other clouds, the customer retains responsibility of their environment, so you need to ensure that backups are done if needed, security is taken care of and everything is patched as appropriate. Additionally you will need to think about how to connect.

Ficolo can provide:

  • GCP on a monthly billing scheme.
  • Cloud Management Platform, for control and automation:
    • Our add-on functionality is Morpheus CMP, which allows managing GCP with the same user interface as your other private and public clouds
  • Security
    • Buying public cloud capacity leaves a lot of responsibility with the user, for instance security, patch management etc. Ficolo helps by bringing control.
  • Support and Smart Hands services
    • With most cloud providers, the only support you can expect is via tickets. Ficolo supports you in case of issues with fast response, and you can reach us via phone or email [suomeksi] as you prefer.
  • Connectivity
    • There are many ways to connect to the public cloud:
      • Google Cloud Interconnect
        • Cloud Interconnect offers private connectivity to the cloud.
      • Over Internet
        • If best effort is sufficient, connecting over the Internet is a good option.
      • Megaport
        • Megaport allows you to connect with the clouds using one single platform, with lightning fast setup and changes. You can use the same platform for connectivity between all clouds as well as connecting to several hundred different data centers globally. It can be significantly more cost efficient than utilizing other solutions.

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