WholeSale IaaS Cloud

The wholesale infrastructure as a service (WS.IaaS) is a solution for the customer that wants to have a flexible and scalable shared capacity for their enterprise. The wholesale infrastructure enables the customer to purchase the following virtualised structures for their system:

  • Compute capacity
  • Memory Capacity
  • Storage capacity
  • Associated network infrastructure and service connections. 

The WS.IaaS is built on a versatile and secure platform that offers the customer a cost effective cloud service, and a quick method to establish a capacity based virtualised computing system with monthly invoicing. WS.IaaS enables customer to manage and maintain resources and configuration through Ficolo Cloud Management Platform. The management can also be automated, ensuring that the system doesn’t run out of resources at any time. The system is seamlessly scalable – as your enterprise grows, the capacity is added from the allocated resources.

Key features

  • Produced with VMware solutions.
  • All components and networks are redundant with at least N+1 systems.
  • Management and Maintenance performed via Cloud Management Platform (CMP).
  • Flexibility of service with CMP and resource management.
  • Infrastructure is distributed between two Ficolo data centers.

Ficolo Cloud Management Platform

Ficolo Cloud Management Platform (CMP) allows full hybrid multi-cloud control and is an easy way to manage several public and private clouds with only one solution. This solution significantly improves the usability and cost-effectiveness of cloud services and reduces the risk of cloud-lock. Ficolo Cloud Management Platform is based on an award-winning solution by Morpheus Data.

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