Baremetal & Software Infrastructure

Complete control of you server infrastructure

Bare metal infrastructure enables you to have complete control of your cloud infrastructure and offers the flexibility to customize the hardware and software to match the needs of your workloads.

Bare metal advantages

  • Enhanced Security
    • Bare metal infrastructure offers higher levels of privacy and security compared to a virtual server. Your data, applications and other resources are physically isolated.
  • Optimized Performance
    • Server resources optimized for you unique workloads. Performance according to your specific requirements
  • Consumption-based billing
    • Pay for what you use and keep costs under control

Bare metal servers offer dedicated hardware in a cloud service model, with fast provisioning and vast hardware options. They are the right fit for use cases and workloads that need greater processing power and more consistent disk and network performance.

Ficolo can provide you with bare metal infrastructure whether you are using public, private or hybrid clouds. We understand what it takes to rightsize the cloud for your needs and how to provide the best configuration of bare metal servers for your cloud. For companies with high requirements for privacy, security and compliancy in sectors like finance, healthcare or retail industries, the bare metal infrastructure offers the optimal choice.

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