High Performance Computing

High Performance Computing (HPC) is the platform of choice for diverse use cases that require large amounts of processing power. Ficolo’s data center multipurpose whitespace delivers perfect location for even the highest power requirements. High Performance Computing solutions require high speed data processing and fast computing times. Use cases range from research labs to media companies to financial services. No matter the purpose, HPC requires reliable IT infrastructure to process, store, and analyze massive amounts of data. Ficolo offers just that

Ficolo HPC offering

Our experience guarantees that your operation’s design, build and going live will be as quick and frictionless as possible. Ficolo HPC offering for high density needs

  • High availability of green energy with reliable power supply
  • Certified and secure facilities
  • High connectivity with many options
  • Ficolo Smart Hands available 24/7

Multipurpose whitespace

Ficolo’s The Air Cloud Delivery Center has a unique cell-based power and cooling design that provides flexibility to serve both classic colocation and HPC from multi-purpose whitespace. Our experience guarantees that your operation’s design, build and going live will be as quick and frictionless as possible. 

Ficolo Data Centers

Ficolo data centers are located in Helsinki, Pori and Tampere. The data centers utilize modern solutions and are powered with 100% green energy. The data centers offer scalability, continuity and security. 

Finland as HPC Location

HPC components generate a considerable amount of heat and place requirements on power supply reliability and availability of affordable green energy. Finland’s cool climate, abundance of sustainable energy and great connectivity make it a very attractive location.

The Nordic Council of Ministers published a report that quantifies the competitiveness of Nordics for different data center customers. For colocation and high performance computing customers the report found that the most important deciding factors when choosing the location were:

  • reliable power supply (8.7/10)
  • international data connectivity (8.7/10)
  • competent workforce (7.8)
  • low energy prices (7.8)
  • political stability (7.7)

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