Hyperscale Solutions

Climate neutral certified hyperscale-ready data center company

Hyperscale customers require wholesale colocation engineered to meet specific technical and operational requirements. These companies, which include companies such as Amazon, Alibaba, Google and Microsoft, use a highly scalable architectures and need very large amounts of space with power requirements ranging from some megawatts to 10’s of MW.

Ficolo’s cell-based architecture helps bring the flexibility to support any tailored criteria, such as specific power and cooling redundancy and fast roll-out.

Ficolo Data Centers

Ficolo data centers are located in Helsinki, Pori and Tampere. The data centers utilize modern solutions and are powered with 100% green energy. The data centers offer scalability, continuity and security. 

Hyperscale Benefits

  • Availability of green energy
  • Environmentally friendly solutions – Climate Neutral Company
  • Scalability and speed to market
  • Finnish stability – ease of doing business

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Sales Director

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