Data Center Sale And Leaseback

Is running a data center your core business? Do you provide additional value to your customers by owning and operating a data center? Data center sale and leaseback allows companies to allocate resources to their core business and release capital while at the same time often enhancing sustainability.

Running a data center requires capital expenditure and expertise in data center management. If you feel your company would be able to provide more value by allocating capital and resources in other areas, sale and leaseback can be an option.

This model allows an enterprise to get out of the business of operating the datacenter and lease it back, optionally at some point moving the data center to one of Ficolo’s modern, sustainable data centers. Often, data center capacity can be under-utilized and this model allows you to better optimize the capacity you are paying for.

With an energy-efficient datacenter it is further possible save in energy costs and lower your carbon footprint.

Data Center Sale and Leaseback Benefits

Benefits of sale and leaseback include:

  • Reduced need for capital expenditure
  • Reallocation of capital in data center infrastructure
  • Reduced need for data center infrastructure competence, focus on core business
  • Reduced carbon footprint and lower energy cost
  • Better ability to fulfil new customer requirements for security or sustainability
  • Improved operation and access to data center expertise, smart hands services and project management
  • Optimized use of capacity and pay-per-use model – capital flexibility

Data center sale and leaseback benefits.  Data center is sold and thereafter provided as a service, effectively transforming CapEx into OpEx.

From our experience in sales and leaseback we think every situation is unique and can consist of pure colocation or higher layers and can target different outcomes, such as investing heavily or migrating existing services.

Ficolo was shortlisted for Global M&A of the Year by Data Economy Finvest in February 2020for the sale and leaseback of Fujitsu’s datacenter in Helsinki. We would be happy to have a discussion on your datacenter strategy with you, please contact us today!

The Business Logic Behind Ficolo – Pinja Data Center Sale And Leaseback

In August 2019, Ficolo and Pinja agreed on the sale and leaseback of Pinja’s data center business to Ficolo.

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