Investor Relations

Ficolo, founded in 2011, is a data center and cloud delivery company specializing in Cloud Delivery services. Ficolo has three data centers: The Air in Helsinki, The Rock in Pori, and The Deck in Tampere. In addition, the company operates the Ficolo-IX Connectivity Hub in Helsinki. Ficolo also provides cloud and data center connectivity services, SDN-based cloud networking and a centralized multi-cloud management solution.

Ficolo helps its customers transform their business model into a cloud-based model; the company offers all the service components required to provide global cloud services, from colocation spaces to connectivity and state-of-the-art data security services.  Ficolo is owned by Pontos (approx. 43%), Taaleri private equity funds (approx. 43%), and the company’s management and board of directors (approx. 14%).

Green Bond Framework 

Ficolo’s green bond framework allows for data center investments, including construction and acquisition of data centers (or companies operating data centers). Ficolo evaluates data centers eligibility based on its potential for energy efficiency improvements.

The framework has been independently evaluated by the Center for International Climate Research (CICERO). Ficolo bond launched in October 2019 was awarded the highest rating of Dark Green.

Cicero Second Opinion available here: CICERO Second Opinion

Ficolo Green Bonds Framework available here: Ficolo Green Bonds Framework