The best of both worlds – Clouds and colocation

Ficolo offers the best of both cloud services and data centers. You get the public cloud services – and when you need more, we can build you your own hybrid cloud solution that combines the best features of public and private cloud. Our own data and cloud delivery centers help when you require the highest possible security, or your data needs to be near you.  

The cloud service market is complex and there is no a single optimal solution for every need. On the contrary, each customer needs their own solution that is customized for them. The service has to be able to scale and adjust at the same speed as customer’s business. Speed, scalability and local know-how are the key.

Whatever is your goal, Ficolo makes complex things simple. We help you to build a life cycle model for cloud services, where you always use the optimal amount of cloud for the current need. All our services scale with the growing demands of our customers requirements.

We provide all the well-known public cloud services and our data and cloud delivery centers (The Air in Helsinki, The Rock in Pori and The Deck in Tampere, easy-to-use cloud management platform that combines the best of both public and private clouds, secure connectivity and various value-adding services are at your disposal.

All this is done with responsibility and sustainability. Ficolo is the world’s first data center company, that has received the best possible rating for environmental friendliness. This “Dark Green” rating is given to projects, that help to mitigate the effects of climate change.

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