Cloud service market is getting more and more complex. There’s private and public cloud, core and edge data centers and different kinds of hybrid solutions. There are multiple ways of doing connectivity, data security and the physical safety of the data centers. There are various customer needs and different requirements have to fit together from large computing capacity to low latency.

The formula has many factors, and there is no single solution that could answer to all needs at once. On the contrary, each customer needs a cloud that is designed to meet their exact requirements. Furthermore, the services have to be able to transform with the customer. Speed, scalability and local know-how are the key. Managing the entirety demands specialist knowledge. 

Ficolo designs and builds cloud services that fit each customer’s specific needs. Now and in the future. 

We utilize our own state-of-the-art data and cloud delivery centers (The Air in Helsinki, The Rock in Pori and The Deck in Tampere), our cloud management platform that combines the best of private and public clouds, secure connectivity solutions and value-adding services. From these elements we can build cloud solutions that are a perfect fit for your needs now and scalable as your business grows. 

We support our customers at the different stages of building cloud services. We can assist you with transforming your business to cloud service business, bring the advantages of the cloud to be a part of more traditional ICT-solutions and help cloud businesses to get more from their existing cloud services. Whatever is your goal, we make your way there clear.