Connecting the Arctic – Data Cables as Game Changers

Jukka-Pekka Joensuu, member of Ficolo's board of directors, spoke at Arctic Circle 2019 about the possibilities of building new data cable through the northern routes. The arctic cable accelerates growth and helps sustain digitalization by providing a sustainable global infrastructure that improves the latency by a third.

Enabling New Business

Global digital infrastructure enables new business, but the infrastructure requires building new data cables between continents to connect data hubs in different regions. This means building data centers and to be sustainable, the data centers have to be built there where there is cool climate, or in other words, cool technology. The cool technology means less costs and more sustainable operation of data centers. The climate brings the unique opportunity to link Europe and Asia through northern routes which accelerates growth and sustains digitalization.

Jukka-Pekka Joensuu, executive advisor of Cinia and a board member of Ficolo, spoke during the Plenary Session titled “Connecting the Arctic: Data Cables as Game Changers” at the Arctic Circle 2019.

Arctic Connect

The data cables have been built from continent to continent through latitude routes, the same as traditional trade routes. The arctic route has the opportunity to benefit from both latitude and longitude, the same way as long-distance airline routes. Connecting Europe and Asia by building the cable through the arctic route will cut the distance by over a third. This provides 30 to 40 per cent better latency. The cable could be a game changer for companies as with better latency companies have better capabilities of running business.

The arctic cable makes it possible to connect various continents and Cinia is building the data cable with Asian, Russian and international partners. The data cable is a future-proof global digital infrastructure that uses solid sustainable technology that accelerates growth in the arctic and in all connected continents.

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