Data center server racks inside Ficolo The Rock data center.

Customer Survey Results 2020: Customer satisfaction continues with 100%

During May our customers were given once again the opportunity to express their opinions and satisfaction level on our services. We are glad to present that customers’ satisfaction on our services remains consistent and customers are 100% either satisfied or very satisfied. More than three out of four stated they would likely recommend Ficolo.

Customers were especially satisfied with customer service and support. Over 80% were satisfied with quickness of handling support requests.  77% percent agreed that support request can be easily done. Satisfied with notifications about service maintenance and disruptions were 77%.

77% of respondents completely agreed and 18% somewhat agreed on knowing whom to contact in case of questions or problem situations. Our service support ( / + 358 2 8624 8501  ) servers all our customers, you can contact Ficolo-on-duty  every day of the year, 24/7. In emergencies and out of business hours prefer phone call.

As we wish to improve the service quality, we were keen to know how we could serve our customers better. As an areas of improvement customers suggested for example more staff on shifts and performing support requests more accurately.  This question also received comments such as “Hard to answer as we are receiving the best service than from competitors ever”.

Overall the results were good and quite consistent, however there were seen no improvement compared to previous result (survey of 2018). All questions and the survey as whole will be studied thoroughly within the Ficolo team, the whole organization will work hard to improve our performance even further.

 “I think the service you guys provide is amazing! I am very happy! “

stated one customer.

We’ll keep on doing our best to provide the best service to all our customers.

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