Ficolo Data Centers

Climate neutral high-performance enabled hyperscale-level data centers in Finland, cool Nordics. Ficolo’s own data and cloud delivery centers serve you when you need the best possible data security and the physical safety or fast and reliable edge computing.

The Air – Helsinki Cloud Delivery Center

  • Ficolo The Air enables delivering any kind of cloud services with the help of components ranging from colocation to multi-cloud.
  • Utilizes the latest technical innovations in cooling, active fire protection, heat reuse and flexible power distribution.
  • Great location in Finland for cloud and data center deployments for enterprise colocation, HPC or build-to-suit hyperscale data center.
  • Data center in Finland provides local edge location for European providers and regional edge for global providers.
  • Modern intelligent edge data center for cloud delivery, wholesale cloud and cloud on-ramp in the Helsinki area.  
  • Utilizes combined energy and cooling cells (CECC) for an energy efficient and low PUE solution. 
  • Cell-based design offers adaptive scalability – as colocation space is filled, an appropriate amount of CECC’s can be fitted without the risk of overprovisioning.
  • UPS system and generators guarantee the uninterrupted power distribution.
  • The first data center in the Nordics to receive climate research institute Cicero’s “Dark Green” rating
  • No water in the data center – active fire protection systems protects the SLA as well as personnel and equipment.  
  • SDN based connnectivity to all major cloud providers and own backbone connectivity to other Ficolo Data centers and Ficolo-IX
  • ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 certified
  • PCI DSS compliant

The Rock – Pori Data Center

  • Ficolo’s data center in Pori, in western Finland, located inside Finnish bedrock in an underground network of tunnels – providing optimal safety.
  • The modular structure of the data center provides excellent prerequisites for security and scalability. The premises fully support both shared data center spaces as well as fully customized dedicated data center spaces.
  • The tunnel halls are independent from each other allowing customers to have e.g. two entirely independent data centers in the same premises.
  • The facility comprises 9 separate tunnel halls (500m2 and 800m2), in total of 8500m2.
  • The bedrock data center provides built-in security which have been enhanced with modern security solutions.
  • The data center environment has been built to guarantee high availability, generators and a separate UPS system to ensure the reliability of the power supply.
  • The data center is carrier neutral. Fibre connectivity is available from all main carriers in Finland
  • SDN connectivity to all major cloud providers and own backbone to other Ficolo Data centers and Ficolo-IX
  • Environmentally friendly and energy efficient with own solar power plant.
  • ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 certified.
  • Katakri certified.

The Deck – Tampere Data center

  • Modern Intelligent Edge data center for Cloud Delivery in central Finland.
  • Full range of colocation, capacity, connectivity and multi-cloud services for local needs.
  • Cloud connectivity node for Tampere region.
  • Carrier neutral data center: Connectivity services from major national carriers.
  • Environmentally friendly, 100% wind-powered.
  • Availability designed to comply with Tier III level.
  • ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 certified.
  • Central location in Tampere city center.
  • Own backbone to other Ficolo data centers and Ficolo-IX.

Ficolo-ix – connectivity hub

  • The main connectivity Hub in Finland.
  • PoPs for main international carriers.
  • Connects Ficolo data centers to Megaport services.
  • Ficolo-IX is connected to all Ficolo data centers with own backbone and offers direct connectivity to Frankfurt and Stockholm.

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