Ficolo The Air Cloud Delivery Center

The Air – Helsinki

Ficolo the air – cloud delivery center

is a next generation data center that fulfills all the requirements for cloud service delivery – for every cloud. The Air is located in the Helsinki area in the cool Nordics and is well connected.


Active Fire Protection

Completely water free system ensures that the SLA is protected at all times. The solution monitors the data center and detects smoke particles in the air, lowers the oxygen level in stages preventing damages to people and assets as well as protecting data and service levels.

Combined Energy and Cooling Cells

The Air utilizes combined energy and cooling cells (CECC) that offer an energy efficient and low PUE solution. Cooling is based on free cooling taking advantage of the cool Finnish climate. The Cell based design allows adaptive scalability as CECC units can be fitted as the capacity grows. The units are independent, and the availability is not affected by malfunction of a single unit.

Green Energy 

The Air uses 100% green energy. Uninterrupted power supply is guaranteed with UPS system and generators. Each rack is connected to A and B power feeds for additional level of redundancy. The waste heat created by the servers is captured and directed to a local district heating system. 

Cicero – Dark Green rating

Ficolo The Air – Cloud Delivery Center expansion project was financed with a green bond. The research institute Cicero subsidiary, Cicero Green, a leading provider of second opinions, reviewed Ficolo’s project and gave the project their highest rating – “Dark Green” as the first data center in the Nordics. 

Cloud Management & Ecosystem

Private Cloud, Multi-Cloud Management, Multi-Cloud Connectivity, Cloud Assurance & Public Cloud Alliances. All the components needed to deliver any cloud.

Edge Requirements

Processing speed and data growth is pushing the compute to the edge. Edge requirements include user proximity, full control, attractive price and high performance. Furthermore, the solution must be ready to integrate and phygitally secured.

Technical Requirements

Cloud services place ever-growing requirements on the infrastructure. Premium Cloud including Edge and Cloud On-Ramp must be built on Premium Colocation with heat reuse, active fire protection, cell-based scalability & availability.


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