The Rock – Pori


Finnish Bedrock

The underground tunnel facility was quarried by the Finnish Defense forces in the 1960s, however never used since. Ficolo transformed the facility into modern and secure data center.  The facility comprises of 9 separate tunnel halls.The premises fully support both shared data center spaces as well as fully customized dedicated data center spaces.

Built-in Security

Each tunnel hall is independent from each other allowing customers to have two entirely independent data centers in the same premises.

Thanks to its nature as bedrock facility, the data center provides built-in security enhanced with modern technical solutions.

The Rock is ISO 27001, ISO 22301 and PCI DSS certified.

Technical Solutions

The data center, as all Ficolo data centers, has been built to guarantee high availability at all times. Generators and a separate UPS system ensure the reliability of the power supply.

Cooling is based on direct free cooling.

Green Energy & Energy-Efficiency

Ficolo The Rock utilizes 100% green energy.  In addition to wind power, the data center also has its own 2600m2 solar power plant. The system is utilized specially in the summer months, when the cooling needs of the data center are at their yearly peak. The bedrock reduces the need for cooling improving the energy efficiency of the data center.

The Rock – Data Center

Ficolo The Rock is built inside Finnish bedrock. The former military underground tunnel network was transformed into modern data center. The facility in Pori provides excellent prerequisites for security and scalability for your cloud solutions.


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