Data Protection as a Service

What would happen if everything you have done during the last month just vanished? Sweaty palms and rising pulse would be an understatement, to say at the least. What to answer to a customer asking after his order? Order of which there are no traces to be found. Customer of which there are no records of. Customer who might soon be a potential former customer.

It is safe to say that it is not the question of necessity of backup solutions and data protection. But how it is done, is yet another question. Ficolo offers different kind of backup solutions for existing and new customers of which customer can choose the most suitable options meeting their needs:

  • EMC Avamar + Datadomain, backup solution for servers, applications and virtualized environments
  • Alike DR backup for Citrix Xenserver ja Hyper-V environments
  • Cost-effective disk storage for customers’ own backup needs

EMC Avamar is fast and reliable data protection solution with backup and recovery features. It is designed so that minimum data is transferred over the network. The deduplication feature enables that only unique, compressed data is backed up. Avarmar is a cost effective solution which saves needed storage space, network and time.

Avamar is placed in a protected, separate space inside Ficolo’s bedrock tunnels. In addition to traditional operating system and application backups (database or email for instance) Avamar is optimal for virtual environments.

All backup solutions offered by Ficolo are situated separately from other production environments. Even after a worst scenario data is protected and recoverable.

When backup solutions are in place – you can be sure that the potential former customer is current satisfied customer!