Ficolo and Elmo Have Signed an Agreement on Providing Data Center Services in Tampere

Data center and cloud delivery company Ficolo and ICT service provider Elmo have agreed on producing data center services for Elmo. With this agreement the data center services are delivered from Ficolo’s data center, The Deck, located at the heart of Tampere city center.

The Deck data center is situated in the Tampere city center at the center of the growing Tampere business region. The ISO 27001 certified data center offers a great location near a growing user base especially for companies in Tampere region.

With this agreement Elmo can utilize the experience of a knowledgeable data center provider and strengthen their own organization’s efforts closer to users’ and customers’ needs. As Ficolo is concentrating entirely on data center and cloud delivery services, it can offer customers optimized server space, utilizing the latest innovations in cooling, fire extinguishing and other technical solutions, and provide cost effective, fully redundant and secure data center services. Ficolo’s certified operating processes include ensuring business continuity and continual improvement.

Elmo has been thriving the past years and has grown from a local operator to a nation-wide innovator in the ICT -market. Elmo’s key strategy is to be the most customer-oriented ICT provider, thus operating a data center was a task well suited for a specialized partner. In the end it was an easy decision to transfer to a service provided by Ficolo.

With the help of Ficolo’s modern and scalable service platform Elmo can meet more specific customer needs. Elmo professionals can focus on customer solutions while Ficolo takes case of data center infrastructure and developing and operating the platforms.  We can offer our customers more secure and efficient ICT services with Ficolo’s help “explains Elmo CEO Janne Aaltonen

Ficolo’s strategy in recent years has been a strong growth which has included company acquisitions as well as new investments. Ficolo is the largest Finnish-owned company in data center business and one of the leading operators in Finland.

Consolidation is the trend in the data center market. For a single company it is rarely worthwhile to invest in for example a standards fulfilling and redundant cooling system and power distribution or expertise in data center knowledge. There are growing companies in Tampere who are looking for data center in the vicinity. Ficolo’s data center and cloud delivery services are available locally from The Deck also in the future” says Ficolo CEO Seppo Ihalainen

Further information:

Janne Aaltonen, CEO, Elmo, +358 50 359 8285,

Seppo Ihalainen, CEO, Ficolo Oy, +358 44 774 4300,

ICT Elmo Oy

Elmo is a nation-wide ICT company providing complete ICT services to companies: the service assortment includes telecommunications and communications services, data centre and cloud services, equipment, software, IT management services and innovations. At Elmo, everybody’s aim is to get the customer to love ICT by showing how easily everything can be done. Elmo employs 60 high-level professionals and its turnover was EUR 15.1 million in 2019. Elmo’s principal area of operations is Tampere region, and Greater Helsinki and Turku region are its central areas of growth.

Ficolo Oy

Ficolo, founded in 2011, is a data center and cloud delivery company specializing in Cloud Delivery services. Ficolo has three data centers: The Air in Helsinki, The Rock in Pori, and The Deck in Tampere. In addition, the company operates the Ficolo-IX Connectivity Hub in Helsinki. Ficolo also provides cloud and data center connectivity services, SDN-based cloud networking and a centralized hybrid cloud management solution. Ficolo helps its customers transform their business model into a cloud-based business model; the company offers all service components required to provide global cloud services, from colocation space to connectivity and state-of-the-art security services.