Ficolo Partners with Megaport to Offer Direct Multi-Cloud Connectivity to Leading Global Cloud Providers

Enterprises connect to Megaport SDN through Ficolo data center and gain access to over 350 service providers
HELSINKI, Finland-May 28, 2019 – Ficolo Oy, a Finnish Data and Cloud Delivery Center Infrastructure Provider has entered into a commercial partnership with Megaport Limited (ASX: MP1) (“Megaport”), a global leading Network as a Service (NaaS) provider, to make its Software Defined Network (SDN) available in the Nordics. The unique value of the partnership ensures that with just one connection, one multi-cloud management platform and one service agreement, Ficolo customers can now directly connect to more than 300 service providers. This accelerates their digital business transformation from ground to cloud, from physical to virtual and simplifies management of multi-cloud environments, promoting savings through efficient, frictionless operations and lowered interconnectivity costs.

Ficolo’s customers can access Megaport’s global network of cloud providers including Alibaba Cloud, Amazon Web Service (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Salesforce and Oracle Cloud directly. In return, Ficolo offers Megaport users the ability to connect to the Ficolo data center backbone “The Rock” in Pori, “The Deck” in Tampere as well as the upcoming flagship Cloud Delivery Center “The Air”, in Helsinki and, the ability to reach Stockholm and Frankfurt directly.

Combined with Ficolo’s current portfolio the Megaport partnership will strengthen the company’s position as one of the leading data economy Superbrands in the Nordics. Finland can now be seen as an ideal location for data and cloud delivery centers, due to sustainable low-cost electricity, stability, security, cool climate and now with Megaport, fast, cost-efficient cloud connectivity. The partnership will provide the broadest choice of enabled locations across Europe, covering all key interconnected hubs, to support a variety of use cases, while meeting stringent security, data sovereignty and redundancy requirements.

Our combined offering allows enterprises to bypass the obstacles that impede them from enjoying the benefits of multi-cloud computing. Ficolo aims to become the #1 data and cloud delivery infrastructure provider in Nordics,” said Seppo Ihalainen, CEO of Ficolo. “We will participate in the Megaport Marketplace, making Ficolo services and data centers in Nordics available to customers in hundreds of Megaport-enabled data centers, worldwide”

Megaport’s Software Defined Network (SDN) offers private, secure, and scalable multi-cloud connections and the ability to have better traffic control between cloud providers. It fits perfectly for those who are designing a multi-cloud approach for their business. Demand for managed multi-cloud services is on the rise as a single cloud strategy in today’s ever-changing digital economy may not suffice to fulfil individual application needs and requirements. Further, the complexity and friction of managing multi-cloud environments and interconnectivity can impact the benefits of cloud if not managed intelligently.

Customers can also use Megaport Cloud Router (MCR) to manage cloud-to-cloud connectivity.  MCR enables virtual routers that allow customers to establish Virtual Points of Presence and control and localise traffic to achieve better network performance.

“As Nordic enterprises undergo their digital transformation initiatives, cloud connectivity will play a critical role in breaking down the barriers to adopting public cloud services, said Peter Hase, CCO, Megaport. “Along with Megaport Cloud Router, our SDN enables improved performance, security, and scalability for cloud-based applications. Our partnership with Ficolo will provide their customers these great benefits and even greater optionality when architecting their cloud-driven future”


Ficolo Ltd is a leading Cloud Delivery company with multiple data center locations in Finland. Founded in 2011, company brought colocation to Finland. Providing world-class services and passionate customer support, the company has evolved into one of leading enhanced-service data center companies in the Nordics. Ficolo has grown its services from colocation to providing customers with connectivity, security and cloud platform solutions, with a full-service portfolio offering wholesale cloud for service providers, enterprise IT and energy companies. Ficolo now offers services to over a hundred customers with tens of millions of end-users.

Ficolo will introduce its new Air Cloud Delivery Center in Helsinki in 2019. The Air CDC will offer customers a state-of-the-art data center with full cloud connectivity services from Megaport as well as a full range of cloud delivery services. Ficolo currently operates data centers The Rock in Pori, The Deck in Tampere and the Ficolo-IX Connectivity Hub in Helsinki.

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Megaport is the global leading provider of Elastic Interconnection services. Using Software Defined Networking (SDN), the Company’s global platform enables customers to rapidly connect their network to other services across the Megaport Network. Services can be directly controlled by customers via mobile devices, their computer, or our open API. Megaport connects over 1,350 customers throughout over 425 enabled data centres globally. Megaport is an Alibaba Cloud Technology Partner, AWS Technology Partner, AWS Networking Competency Partner, Google Cloud Interconnect Partner, IBM Direct Link Cloud Exchange provider, Microsoft Azure Express Route Partner, Nutanix Direct Connect Partner, Oracle Cloud Partner, and Salesforce Express Connect Partner.

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