Ficolo Season’s Greetings 2021

Thank you for the year 2021!

2021 was a significant year for Ficolo, as this year we celebrated our 10th anniversary as a company and broke the 10 million turnover barrier for the first time in our history. As a milestone, it is a very big one for us and for that we would like to give a big thank you to our customers and all our partners. 

Our operations started in 2011 with The Rock data center in Pori and have expanded first in 2018 to The Deck data center in Tampere and in 2019 to The Air cloud data center and Ficolo IX Connectivity Hub in the Helsinki metro area. These investments and expansions have already made us the second largest data center company in Finland.

Climate Neutral Company

Sustainability has been one of Ficolo’s core values from the beginning and this year’s Climate Neutral Company certification granted by South Pole, as the first Hyperscale-level colocation company in the Nordics, is a proof of this. It has long been part of Ficolo’s approach that we don’t just plan, we act, as evidenced by certifications and other recognitions. We have always paid attention to environmental issues, using renewable energy and introducing the latest modern solutions, such as waste heat recovery in The Air.

Highlights of the year

Clouds and Colocation

The past ten years have taught us that there is no single, objectively best cloud solution – one that perfectly fits the different needs of different customers.

On the contrary, each customer needs a solution that is unique and tailored to his or her needs. Moreover, services must be able to evolve in line with the customer’s business. Speed, scalability and local expertise are key.

This is exactly what Ficolo’s refined mission statement Clouds and Colocation is all about. We offer our customers the best of clouds and data centers – once again, the first in Finland.

Clouds and Colocation means that we give you all the services of the public cloud – and when you need more, we can build you a hybrid solution that combines the best of the public and private clouds, just the way you want it. Our dedicated data and cloud data centers help when you need the best security or data center close to you.

Thank you to all our customers and partners for an incredible year.

Ficolo wishes you a peaceful Christmas and a happy New Year!