Golfer Eemil Alajärvi & Ficolo: on Journey to the Big League

This Autumn Ficolo has started supporting future golf star Eemil Alajärvi. The young, passionate golfer has just turned professional. Ficolo and Eemil have in common that both are on their way to the big league.

Who is Eemil Alajärvi?

Eemil Alajärvi is young athlete, who’s is ambitiously aiming at the top of golf. The 20-year-old Eemil describes himself as determined and confident athlete, for whom losing is not an option. Golf has been an interest since young age, although at the age of 10 it is was merely a summer sport alongside ice hockey. The emerged passion for golf has carried so far.

The passion and talent can be seen in Eemil’s accomplishments: two bronze medals in competitions under 16 years old; in competitions for under 18 years he has won two Finnish Championships. In 2018 he gained experience in representing Finland in Youth Olympic Games.

In the 2019 season Eemil won Finnish Amateur Championship as well as Austrian International Amateur competitions. In addition, he was the best in Finnish PGA Golf Tour – final of the main Tour in Finland.

“This season I turned to professional from amateur. The goal I have set for myself is that during the next four years I will get an entry into the European Tour”, says Eemil about his future endeavors.

Eemil Alajärvi competing at Finnish Amateur Championship
Eemil Alajärvi with the championship trophy.

Photos: Eemil Alajärvi

Why Ficolo Sponsors Eemil?

While Eemil is heading towards the top of golf professionals, Ficolo is on its way to join Finland’s biggest ICT-companies. In September 2020 Tietoviikko (Tivi)- magazine listed 13 companies that are on the verge of being listed in the Tivi 250 list of biggest companies in the ICT industry in Finland. 

Every company, just like every athlete needs people who support and help them to succeed and become even better. Ficolo wishes to support and boost the career of this young athlete. Ficolo and Eemil both share the drive to become even better and to be the forerunners in Finland. We will follow Eemil’s career with great interest in our blog and in our social media channels.

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