Journey to Climate Neutral

A Guide to Data Center Sustainability

How Sustainable Is Your Data Center and What Impact Does It Have On the Planet?

Worldwide, data centers use around 2% of all the electricity produced, and this figure is estimated to rise to 8% by the end of the decade. The time to drive change for a more sustainable future is now. The good news is there are many actions data centers can take to reduce their carbon footprint and implement environmentally responsible practices. And as an industry, we have the potential to make significant progress in the global effort against climate change.

In this guide, we explore how to make realistic decisions on resourcing and develop new strategies to help you move further and faster down the road to becoming carbon neutral. Gain a clear understanding of how to look beyond your data center’s carbon footprint. Become an agent of change for your own business, customers and the planet. Plus, learn the nine key factors on to how to evaluate your data center provider on efficiency, costs, and find out how to stand out as a leader in sustainability. 

Ficolo is a certified Climate Neutral cloud and colocation provider. Ficolo is rebranding to Verne Global.

Ready to begin your journey to climate neutral?

About Verne Global Finland

Verne Global Finland (formerly Ficolo) holds The Climate Neutral Company certification granted by South Pole, since 2021. Our goal is to be carbon neutral in the future.

Verne Global Finland operates three data centers in Finland (The Air in Helsinki, The Rock in Pori and The Deck in Tampere). All of the are running on renewable energy since the start of the operations. In addition, the copmany has its own solar power plant in top of The Rock and The Air utilizes waste heat recovery.