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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Multi-Cloud Environment

According to a recent Forrester consulting study, 86 percent of companies have a multi-cloud strategy. By allowing application workloads to run on the most suitable platforms, multi-cloud environment optimizes operations and enables cost savings. As different environments have their own user interfaces and administrative tasks, can adding new cloud platforms to the environment be challenging. Multiple UIs and policies can fragment the management and big picture can be lost.

Combining Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds

No wonder multi-cloud services may seem like a complicated, time-consuming and demanding solution. Ficolo’s Multi-Cloud Support Specialist, Juuso Viljanen, thinks it is the opposite because Ficolo Multi-Cloud Control makes it possible to steer clear of the common cloud service pitfalls: “Multi-Cloud Control combines public, private and hybrid clouds within the same service, under one management platform. It is also possible to use IaaS and PaaS services and DevOps methods directly through one interface”.

“With Multi-Cloud Control, real-time monitoring is very easy, tasks and workflows can be effortlessly automated.”

“Ficolo Multi-Cloud Control helps you to use resources efficiently. For example, provisioning is very simple and only takes a few minutes. With Multi-Cloud Control, real-time monitoring is very easy, tasks and workflows can be effortlessly automated”, tells Viljanen. Cost-effectiveness is also taken into account in Multi-Cloud Control solution. “With the tool, you can find out if your resources are being used efficiently and it also gives you recommendations for optional measures,” says Viljanen. “For instance, if a virtual server isn’t in use on weekends, it can be set to work only on weekdays.”

Ficolo’s Multi-Cloud Control is a cloud-independent service based on Morpheus Data’s award-winning solution – in autumn 2018 it was awarded in the Best of VMworld for Agile Operations and Automation category. The solution has also been named a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant – for two years in a row. Support for automation design and implementation, custom tailoring, and deployment support is available as additional services. Expertise and know-how of Team Ficolo is at the customer’s disposal if needed. “We support the customer in the introduction of the product and of course we provide personal support in Finnish as well as in English. We master the entire environment up to the OS level and our goal is to be as agile as possible and to quickly resolve customer support requests”, tells Juuso Viljanen.

Agility is the lifeblood of companies

Multi-cloud services are the present and the future as agility is the lifeblood of companies. Cloud services can be utilized by a wide range of businesses, but it is especially advantageous in environments where the cloud is distributed through software to customers, such as IT service providers, software businesses, energy and IoT companies, With the Multi-Cloud Control management tool, you get the most out of your cloud services. Ficolo Cloud Delivery concept, in addition to the cloud management tool, enables you to produce all of your cloud services.

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Juuso Viljanen:

  • Previously worked at Dataforum for maintenance, installation and appliance maintenance service
  • Finds the connections in multi-cloud services interesting. When using a public cloud, the connection design is often overlooked, and its resource requirements can come as a surprise. We are constantly striving to improve this issue. Finds automating the connections an interesting topic.
  • Another point of interest in his work is the migration from one cloud to another and the continuous development of this measure. Ficolo has a wide range of tools and experience to tackle this matter. When everything is put on top of Multi-Cloud Control from the start, transferring from one cloud to another is easier in the future. Who knows what pricing changes a public cloud operator will make next year? Why not prepare yourself to choose the most cost-effective cloud at any time?