Anti DDos

Protect your cloud Infrastructure

In recent years, the Distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks have evolved into complex and overwhelming security challenges for all organizations, large and small. Ficolo Anti DDoS service offers the protection your cloud infrastructure needs; filtering and responding to attacks, helping you to avoid business losses, and enabling business continuity.

No company should underestimate the effect that a DDoS attack can have on their business. The volume, frequency, and sophistication of the DDoS attacks are increasing, and they are targeted at every level of IT services. Smart businesses defend not only their network, session, and applications layers – but their business logic and database as well. The basic defence mechanism, network firewall, has already failed to keep up with the evolving nature of attacks. To ensure attackers wont get through and bring the business to a standstill, a more comprehensive solution is needed.

Ficolo Anti DDoS is based on a high-scale and high-performance hardware. Each customer’s traffic is handled as customer specific zones and route domains to ensure dedicated service, security and privacy.

Service benefits

  • Safeguard your business and brand reputation
  • Protect network infrastructure
  • Defend against targeted attacks
  • Business continuity: services sustained even during an attack
  • Minimize downtime and reduce damages caused by attacks
  • Costs savings as Ficolo takes care of the management on behalf of the customer

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