Pori Entrepreneurs Association Awards Pori Company Of The Year

Porin Yrittäjät (Pori Entrepreneurs Association) annually awards the Pori Company of the Year Award to one of its member companies, based on certain criteria. This year, the award will be presented on 25 September at the Pori Day Market Festival. The prize will be awarded to Ficolo Ltd.

For the annual award, the association’s member companies are asked for nominations for the award. The best performing companies in the voting will be put to the table of the Executive Committee, which will make the selection. The winning company has already been nominated several times. Ficolo Ltd. has managed to expand its activities significantly and has thus taken entrepreneurship in Pori forward. The company operates in an interesting and developing market segment and stands out from the crowd.

Seppo and Sauli Ihalainen and Vesa Lahti founded Ficolo Ltd ten years ago in Harjunpää, a former underground tunnel facility of Finnish Defence Forces. The high-security data center also has capacity for growth, as the entire tunnel facility is not in use. Ficolo has also expanded nationally, with offices in Helsinki and Tampere. Ficolo’s customers are mainly IT companies in Europe and North America. In the data center market of its size, the company has grown rapidly over the last few years. Ficolo Oy is the second largest data center company in Finland. Only the multinational Equinix is bigger, trailing only Telia. The ownership base is entrepreneur-driven. Five shareholders work in the company, which is also owned by venture capitalists. CEO Seppo Ihalainen represents a modern generation of entrepreneurs who value professionalism and substance.