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Managed Cloud Connectivity

Connectivity is a vital part of cloud services. Ficolo provides Data center access, SDN-based Multi-Cloud Connectivity, as well as connectivity over Ficolo’s own backbone. Managing connectivity can easily become complex and often involves technologies where specialized knowledge is required. Ficolo Managed Cloud Connectivity lets you buy design and maintenance for cloud connectivity as a service. This allows your own IT personnel to focus on other tasks. Ficolo Managed Cloud Connectivity services bring a broad range of solutions to you with the level of agility you have come to expect from cloud solutions combined with the service level you need.

Webinar: Mastering Multicloud Connectivity with Megaport

Join Ficolo and Megaport for a joint webinar on April 8 to gain a better understanding of your cloud connectivity options when it comes to mastering multicloud and managing costs.

Managed Cloud COnnectivity Benefits

Managed Cloud Connectivity service provides a number of benefits such as comprehensive Cloud and DC Connectivity and network architecture visibility. In this service model, maintenance resources are provided by data center and cloud connectivity service provider. Security can still be kept at a high level, with possible savings for instance in the cost of physical security (e.g. access control) for the equipment. At the same time reliability, predictability and scalability can be improved.

Importantly for many customers, outsourcing Cloud Connectivity design and maintenance frees resources for use in other areas. The customer’s IT department can focus on other services.

Ficolo offers carrier-neutral and competitively priced telecommunication connections with good availability.

  • Get the best available solutions optimized for your needs from a specialist
  • Increased visibility into cloud connectivity and network architecture
  • Monitoring with alarm delivery
  • Enhanced reliability, predictability and scalability
  • Full life-cycle services network appliances, virtual and physical (routers, switches, firewalls and load balancers)

COnnectivity Solutions


Megaport SDN (Software Defined Network) that enables customers with fast, flexible, and on-demand connectivity to hundreds of global services. This leading connectivity solution drives greater agility, reduced operating costs, and increased speed to market compared to connectivity options by traditional carriers. 

Public Cloud Connectivity

Connections between services in data centers or public cloud can be offered via Megaport SDN. This enables very fast setup, complete flexibility in capacity and no commitments. It is also possible to use other direct connectivity to public cloud.  

Data Center Access

Data Center Access enables reliable and secure connections for cloud services. The connections can be built from your offices to Ficolo’s data center, public cloud, or to third party’s data center. You can also utilize local connectivity to one of Ficolo’s data center and exploit Ficolo’s own backbone network to access remote data centers.

Data Center Connectivity

To provide cloud solutions to end users, connectivity is required. Connections for providing cloud services include Internet access and IP Transit services.

Network Design Services

The service offers on-premises or data center network design, implementation, and maintenance as a service, including equipment and services with a pay-as-you-go model. 

Ficolo Virtual cross connect

Ficolo Virtual Cross Connect is the backbone network connecting all Ficolo data centers. Furthermore, it extends to Frankfurt and Stockholm via Megaport to over 500 data centers, allowing you flexible SDN-based access around the globe.

Connectivity Services 

Connectivity Services

  • IP Transit
  • Internet Access
  • IP MPLS 
  • Ethernet (L2)
  • Wavelenght
  • SDN
  • Cloud Connectivity
  • Ficolo VXC

Cloud Security

  • Firewall
  • Load Balancing
  • IP-SEC VPN Tunnels 
  • DDoS Mitigation 
  • SIEM
  • Log Analysis
  • IAM Server Antivirus
  • Vulnerability Management 
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