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Hybrid Multi-Cloud

Your company and your data are unique. We have gone beyond one cloud fits all. A single solution that caters for all requirements simply does not exist. We combine the best of private and public clouds and provide the right building blocks to connect and control them all. This is rounded off with security, assurance and value-add services creating cloud solutions that are a perfect fit for you.

Hybrid Multi-Cloud Combines different Clouds

Which cloud solution should you choose? It is essential to understand that there is no objectively best cloud solution that would fit best for the varying needs of different companies. In this complex environment our role is to help you to choose and to provide solutions that fit your business needs and have the right level of flexibility and scalability.

Private Cloud

For instance with high utilization, relatively even usage levels or if you have strict security requirements, private cloud provides benefits. The dedicated platform provides you full control, security and performance advantages along with significant cost savings and great scalabilility. Moreover, if you want to be sure where your data resides, this is the solution for you. Performance is ensured with the most suitable virtualization platform, which we will help you choose.

Public, Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

We can provide public cloud along with private as a one-stop-shop. Role-based management with approval for resources with Ficolo Cloud Management Platform helps keep costs under control. Public can work well if you have low utilization, highly bursty traffic or if you can pass through the cost to a customer. Our cloud delivery services are available also with public cloud. If you want some services in one or more public clouds while others are in a private cloud, the management and connectivity can become complex. Powerful Cloud Management Platform and SDN-based Cloud Connectivity help control the complexity.

Ficolo Cloud Management Platform

Ficolo Cloud Management Platform (CMP) allows full hybrid multi-cloud control and is an easy way to manage several public and private clouds with only one solution. This solution significantly improves the usability and cost-effectiveness of cloud services and reduces the risk of cloud-lock. Ficolo Cloud Management Platform is based on a solution from Morpheus Data, which was recognized as a Leader in Gartner’s 2020 Magic Quadrant for Cloud Management Platforms for a second year in a row. The solution also won the VMworld 2018 Agile Operations and Automations award.

DevOps & Services Lifecycle

Ficolo CMP simplifies managing the lifecycle and monitoring services and application instances. Multi-Cloud service enables the flexible usage of IaaS and PaaS services as well as DevOps methods. 

The cloud managment platform combines the best of both the public and the private cloud. Comprehensive multi-cloud service from a single window with cost-effective wholesale pricing. The service can also reduce the costs and security risks related to shadow IT with the help of role-based privileges and approval process.


We offer a range of most important software licenses with monthly fee. Available software licenses:

Managed Cloud for customer hardware 

We offer a wide variety of cloud delivery services for IT infrastructure located in our data center. 

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