Ten Years Of Industry Firsts – Ten Years Of Breaking Boundaries

Ficolo has been in business for exactly ten years. In the spring of 2011, the company’s founders acquired a tunnel network excavated for use by the Finnish Defence Forces in Pori, and built one of Europe’s most energy-efficient data centers inside it.

In ten years, Ficolo has become Finland’s second-largest data center company. Its growth is the result of determined work. Ficolo has achieved industry firsts in many areas.

Ficolo was the first company in Finland to focus on colocation services. In particular, its customers were companies who wanted to retain a decisive role in their own IT environment.

Ficolo’s customer relationships are typically long-term. Cloud and hosting company Scene Group, online learning specialist Mediamaisteri, which also runs a million-user cloud environment, and ICT service company Tietokeskus, were Ficolo’s first three customers and still trust our services to this day.

Many of our first customers built extensive cloud services for their own customers, and so Ficolo too branched out into wholesale cloud services. As its operations grew, Ficolo became the first company in Finland to focus on Cloud Delivery services.

Ficolo The Rock Data Center

The best of cloud services and data centers

The cloud market has become increasingly diverse in the last ten years. Today, the cloud plays a role in every IT project, and the benefits of public clouds are widely lauded.

The last ten years have taught us, however, that objectively there is no best cloud solution – at least not one that would be a perfect one-size-fits-all match for different customers’ various needs.

Quite the opposite in fact; each customer needs a suitable solution designed just for them. In addition, services should be able to adapt at the same pace as the customer’s business operations. Speed, scalability, and local competence are key.

Ficolo’s refocused operating principle of Clouds and Colocation meets these needs. We offer our customers the best of clouds and data centers – once again the first in Finland to do so.

Clouds and Colocation means that we provide you with all public cloud services – and when you need more, we can build a custom hybrid solution that combines public and private clouds just for you. Our own data and cloud delivery centers are ready to help whenever you need the best possible security, or a data center near you.

Investments in growth

In 2017, Taaleri and Pontos took over ownership of Ficolo, which further accelerated the company’s growth.

The very next year, Ficolo acquired another data center in Tampere, along with Fujitsu’s data center in Helsinki in 2019, which immediately underwent work to convert it into a modern cloud delivery center. The total investment amounted to approximately 50 million euros.

The cloud delivery center in Helsinki, The Air, began operations in March 2020. It is Finland’s first carbon-neutral colocation data center, yet another display of Ficolo’s unprejudiced, standard-setting operations.

The Air runs purely on renewable energy, and its waste heat can be recycled to the district heating network. An agreement concerning the necessary connections and sale of waste energy to Vantaa Energy was ready from the center’s very first day of operation. Environmental friendliness is at the heart of Ficolo’s operations, guiding our decisions.

The Air – Cloud Delivery Center

Certified responsibility

Operational responsibility has been one of Ficolo’s core values right from the start. All of our data centers have always run on green energy produced entirely by wind power.

Environmental research institute Cicero has assessed The Air cloud center and awarded it the best possible classification of Dark Green. This rating is given to projects that are aligned with a climate resilient future.

A responsible operating model has always been a matter of course for Ficolo. It has also been good business, as more and more customers demand environmentally friendly operations as a key criteria for their partners.

From the very first day, superior customer service has been the foundation of Ficolo’s operations. We are always searching for the most suitable solution for our customers – quickly and flexibly.

Even though we grew from a startup to one of the biggest players in the industry, we still have the same passionate approach as when we started the company. Personal service and solving our customers’ problems are still as important today as they were back then. These are also good building blocks for future growth. We aim to continue achieving firsts and in doing so, to take the entire industry forward.

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