The Air Sneak Peek Party

Ficolo's new Cloud Delivery Center The Air was announced on May 8 and to kick-off the modernization of the bought data center, Ficolo hosted Sneak Peek Party at the location. Guests were invited to see The Air in the beginning of the investment and enjoy interesting industry keynote speakers, good music and delicious street food.


Ficolo’s new Cloud Delivery Center The Air was announced on May 8 and to kick-off the modernization of the bought data center, Ficolo hosted Sneak Peek Party at the location. Along with the Cloud Delivery Center, Ficolo also announced partnership with Megaport, bringing direct connectivity to cloud providers for the first time to Finland.

Held keynotes were:
  • Seppo Ihalainen, Ficolo, Welcome to Sneak Peek Party
  • Kevin Slover, Data Centre GPS, Data center in 2040
  • Iiro Uusitalo, Solita, Security in Future Clouds
  • Ed Smith, Megaport, Clouds Connected
  • Vesa Weissmann, Gearshift, Investing in Data Center Industry

Here is a short recap of the presentations at the party:

The Air Introduction – Seppo Ihalainen, Ficolo



To kickstart the event, Ficolo’s CEO Seppo Ihalainen introduced the new cloud delivery center – The Air. The cloud delivery center differs from a traditional data center by offering a variety of value adding services, i.e. interconnection to public cloud. The data center ecosystem moves from traditional “split” of colocation and public cloud into more complex environment of far edge, local edge, regional and central data centers. The edge data centers provide low latency and throughput while the regional and central data centers offer massive compute and storage capacity.

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Data Centre Ecosystem in 2040 – Kevin Slover, Data Centre GPS



Kevin Slover of Data Centre GPS told the audience how he sees the data center industry developing in the next 20 years. Having made an extensive career at some of the biggest data center companies in the world, e.g. Microsoft and Facebook, Kevin has gained a lot of industry insights. According to Kevin, the future of data center ecosystem is summarized in the sentence: In 2040 data centers will be small, cheap, and everywhere. The centers will move from few large specialized buildings that are far from each other, into smaller interconnected centers that are dispersed with short distances in between. The centers will be more scalable, cost effiecient and offer lower latency. Instead of being limited and dependent on one building, companies have a diverse infrastructure at their disposal and can pull resources from multiple sources. This is part of natural progression toward commoditization of data centers and them being dark run-to-fail operation with scheduled services.

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Security in Future Clouds – Iiro Uusitalo, Solita



Iiro Uusitalo is cloud and security specialist at Solita and bug bounty hunter and hacker at Team Rot. Iiro’s presentation focused on the safety of public clouds and how to best ensure the safety of company’s systems. Some features of public clouds make them susceptible to hackers, for example subdomains can be hijacked. At the core of the public cloud is after all old technology that has to be taken care of even if company focuses on software development. But how do you best prevent security threats? According to Iiro, you make sure that you hire the right people to do the right things. That might not mean you are completely safe from hackers, but it does go a long way in doing so.

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Clouds Connected – Ed Smith, Megaport



Megaport‘s Head of Sales EMEA, Ed Smith gave a short introduction to Megaport’s services and a demo on how Megaport’s customer portal works and how easily provisioning connection works. Megaport is an Australia based connectivity company who offers Network-as-a-Service with which users can setup connection with over 300 service providers world-wide and provision the connection with speed and amount they require. If a customer needs to have a connection only once a week for e.g. backing up files, they can provision the connection for their desired day of the week. Megaport enables that the customers only pay for the connection they actually use and don’t have to tie themselves in long-term fixed capacity contracts.

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Investing in Data Center Industry – Vesa Weissmann, Gearshift



Vesa Weissmann is Senior Advisor for Gearshift Group who had an advising role when Taaleri and Pontos acquired their ownership of Ficolo in 2017. In the presentation Vesa went through the qualities of data centers as an investment, what are the characteristics of the business environment and what are the drivers of the data center industry.

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