FIcolo The Rock data center tunnel

The Business Logic Behind Ficolo – Pinja Data Center Sale And Leaseback

The data center industry is undergoing a global consolidation development, where more and more enterprises move out of their on-premises data centers to multi-tenant data center which are operated by specialized data center companies. For most companies, the data center is a part of business operation that requires new investments and ties up resources that could otherwise be put in better use in company’s core offering and operation development.

Sale and Leaseback of Pinja Data Centers

In August 2019, Ficolo and Pinja agreed on the sale and leaseback of Pinja’s data center business to Ficolo. The partnership allows Pinja to free up resources and take advantage of Ficolo’s value-adding services in their own service portfolio. The responsibilities of the partnership are clearly divided: Ficolo operates as the data center partner of Pinja and is responsible for the services up to the virtualization layer and Pinja can focus on offering services from the operating system level and above. Ficolo offers its modern data center space and network infrastructure to Pinja. By divesting the data center services to Ficolo, Pinja has the future possibility of decentralizing its data center services to Ficolo’s three data centers: The Rock in Pori, The Air in Helsinki and The Deck in Tampere. Ficolo also operates the connectivity hub Ficolo IX in Helsinki.

Ficolo The Rock

In the future, Pinja’s data center services will be provided from Ficolo’s The Rock data center in Pori. The Rock is ISO 27001 certified data center, that locates in a network of underground tunnels, inside the bedrock, providing both security and natural cooling. The data center offers complete carrier neutrality, with connections from all the major Finnish carriers. The Rock is part of the Ficolo “backbone” network infrastructure that connects the data center to Ficolo’s other centers in Helsinki and Tampere. The backbone network offers i.a. the use of Megaport connectivity services, that enables fast and simple connectivity to the world’s leading cloud services.

Data Center Consolidation

Pinja states that it can better focus on their own core operations of industry renewing services and digitalization. The cooperation also offers both parties good prerequisites for developing services and support for mutual growth.

In a constant quest for further efficiencies, data center consolidation enables that companies benefit from the newest data center technologies in, i.a. cooling, fire suppression and security, all areas where it can be hard to stay on top of latest developments without dedicated resources. Data center companies can also offer new services for cloud environment management and cloud connectivity. Data center sale and leaseback doesn’t only offer cost-efficiency, it also enables new innovations. Modern connection and software solutions enable agile data center services adding value to company’s services.

In the last year, Ficolo has completed three business transactions, in which data center services have been sold and subsequently leased back from Ficolo. In the fall of 2018 Ficolo acquired a data center in Tampere as Cybercom sold and leased back its data center services from Ficolo. In May 2019, Ficolo published that it had acquired Fujitsu’s data center and signed a cooperation agreement as a part of the transaction. Ficolo will invest in the data center to turn it into a next generation cloud delivery center.

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