The Rock Solar Power Plant in Production

Environmental friendliness of data centers is increasingly important global competitive advantage.

Ficolo The Rock data center’s own solar power plant has been taken into production use. The solar power plant consists of 850 solar panels, with peak supply of 255 kWp. The plant covers an area of 2600 sq. meters.

The solar power plant is constructed on a bedrock, on top of the underground tunnel halls of The Rock data center. With the energy supplied from the plant, cooling of the data center can be done very energy efficiently at those times when the need for cooling is higher than average.

” Own solar power plant is an inherent continuum to Ficolo’s target of building the most energy efficient data centers. Our newest Cloud Delivery Center in the capital region, The Air, is completely carbon neutral “  tells Seppo Ihalainen, Ficolo CEO.

” All Ficolo data centers have utilized 100% wind power since the start of the operations. Own solar power plant is a new step towards utilizing alternative green energy sources. Our target is to offer our customers environmentally friendly data center services. This is also an important differentiation factor, domestically but also in international markets.” explains Ihalainen.

Local suppliers have delivered the solar systems, as well as local workforce have been used in constructing the solar power plant. Ficolo is also part of networks enhancing digital transformation.  

” Western Finland is one of the key drivers of Finnish export. It is important that we take care of the competitiveness of our export industry, this we can do by investing in R&D, education, digitalization and environmentally sustainable growth. Ficolo’s investment in solar power plant and energy resourceful data centers is an excellent example of promoting digitalization in a sustainable way.  It is especially great  that the investment has been done in Ulvila “ states Mikko Löfbacka, Mayor of Ulvila.

” Ficolo is a part of globally significant and fast growing Robocoast Consortium. Majority of Robocoast companies are located in Ulvila “ continues Löfbacka.

The Ficolo solar power plant energy production figures can be followed in real time at:

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Seppo Ihalainen, CEO, Ficolo, +358 44 774 4300,

Mikko Löfbacka, Mayor, City of Ulvila, +358 44 343 8250